Welcome to my blog. I realized you’ve taken time out of your scrolling to read what this blog is all about. Well, I am an undercover blogger who posts fashion pictures. Some of my posts have to do with my outside life so try not to get confused by them. I want to make this blog big so my plan is to partner up with someone soon. I also want to add that this is my most successful blog out of 2. Many of you won’t read to the end of this but if you want to partner up with me, you will. All of this started on my blog Anna Log. I wasn’t using wordpress all that much, just Polyvor.com. So you could just predict how surprised I was to come across wordpress and see that I had more then 50 people following my blog, I was shocked. So I had to change things up because that blog was poorly made, my visions were just getting me the business. So I changed the blog up a bit, but I still wasn’t pleased so I completely changed blogs and that’s how The Key 2 Chic was born. If you guys want more info just ask me any questions. I want to answer them.

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